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Shanna Trombetta

Shanna has been cultivating lifelong learners for over 15 years. Her experiences range across the spectrum of early childhood education, from public to private schools. She has also taught across cultures, having held positions in Makaha (Oahu), Hawaii; Atlanta, Georgia; Cambridge, Massachusetts; Los Angeles, California. 

She hold a Masters of Educational Psychology and Special Education. She is a certified Educational Therapist and holds a Clear-California Multiple-Subject Teaching Credential. 

Why Choose
Educational Therapy?

An Educational Therapist offers a therapeutic approach to working with students that have learning challenges, so that they can succeed. This means that working with an Educational Therapist can help your child figure out how they "learn best", so they can feel confident in the classroom! It also means collaborating with classroom teachers, other Educational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists etc. to develop strategies and learning plans that will help not only build confidence, but also set learners on a path to achieve their goals! Educational Therapy provides remedial instruction in areas of dyslexia, executive functioning deficits, ADHD language and visual processing issues, dyscalculia, dysgraphia etc. 

Here are the hands of my nephew Lucien. Ubud May 2018._edited.jpg
Image by Diego PH

How is Educational Therapy Different From Tutoring?

An Educational Therapist is a trained educator, specifically trained in neuroscience to work with children experiencing learning challenges. Educational therapists teach children skills and strategies to help them manage their issues and improve classroom experiences. Educational therapists have extensive training in developing intervention plans, administering assessments, and implementing research-based best practices to address specific learning challenges. A traditional tutor typically supports a specific academic content area.


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