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Parent of a Kindergarten Student - Franklin Elementary

"Shanna has a wonderful way of engaging my 6 year old in her sessions with friendly chat and a fun, motivational approach. Her enthusiasm and consistent guidance have produced the goods - a happy reader and fearless writer.”​

 Parent of a Kindergarten Student - Wildwood

"My 5 year old has been seeing Shanna for the last year and it has been one of the best decisions I have made as a parent. Not only does she make learning fun (my son actually ask me everyday if he gets to see Shanna), she is highly educated and knowledgeable about how to reach children and help them build confidence to achieve their highest potential.”​

Growing Educators Co-Founder

"It was my great pleasure to work alongside Shanna to plan units of study that engage readers and writers, and foster lifelong reading habits. Shanna takes the time to get to know her students well in order to plan purposeful and meaningful pathways that build confidence and competence. Every child deserves a literacy teacher like Shanna!"

Campbell Hall Colleague   

"Students in Shanna’s classes were always engaged and excited about learning. Her creative, personable approach to teaching and skill-building helped students become more confident in their daily work, leading to greater academic progress overall."

Natalie Powell, ET, C-SLDI - Dyslexia Specialist, Certified Educational Therapist, Certified Structured Literacy Dyslexia Interventionist

"I met Shanna when she interviewed me for an assignment as part of her educational therapy program. She immediately impressed me with her enthusiasm, dedication to staying current with the latest research, business acumen, and genuine passion for literacy and books! Since her graduation from the ed therapy program, Shanna has become a friend and trusted colleague whom I refer to without hesitation when my own client load is full. Shanna targets phonological awareness and orthographic mapping in her sessions -- strategies supported by the latest research -- while incorporating games, movement, and creative activities in a warm and loving environment. I'm so grateful to have her as a resource."

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