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Math, Executive Function, Writing, & Reading Specialists

Orton-Gillingham Literacy Instruction

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We provide engaging, multi-sensory Orton-Gillingham based educational therapy sessions. Orton Gillingham is an evidence-based approach that can help all readers, but specifically students with dyslexia or other language based disabilities. By combining the key elements of phonological processing, phonological awareness, decoding, encoding (Spelling), semantics, and morphology development, the Orton Gillingham approach addresses the diverse needs of readers. Our team is trained in the Orton-Gillingham approach and sessions are tailored based on each child's individual needs.

Kindergarten Readiness

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Prepare your child for a successful start in Kindergarten with our comprehensive Kindergarten Readiness sessions. Our sessions cover key areas such as social and emotional development, language and communication skills, cognitive abilities, motor skills, and independence. We promote learning through engaging art activities, encourage early literacy with interactive reading, and foster essential life skills for independence to get kindergarten started off strong!


Kids Blowing Bubbles

Discover the flexibility and tailored learning experience of homeschooling. We provide a range of curriculum choices, resources, and guidance to empower parents and students on their homeschooling journey. Whether you're looking for a comprehensive program or specialized courses, we can ensure a rich and personalized homeschooling experience for your child.

Enrichment Camps


Our small group enrichment groups are fun and engaging experiences for your child! We offer academic remediation camps during school breaks, as well as weekly Art enrichment classes to foster your child's creative mind.


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