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What is Educational Therapy?

What is an Educational Therapist?

Is your child struggling in school? Do you find that they are falling farther and farther behind in their subjects? Are they having difficulty mastering the basics like reading and writing? Is their behavior suffering as a direct result of any of the above? If you answered yes to any of these questions then an Educational Therapist might be just what you are looking for as your own learning support system.

An educational therapist is a professional that teaches children skills and strategies to help children manage their learning and thinking differences. An ET will build on a child’s academic skills and strengths in order to build self-confidence. They are trained to develop educational plans by giving assessments, tracking progress, and making the appropriate adjustments as needed. They also act as case managers and coordinate with specialists ( OT, Speech etc.), special education teachers etc. In short, they are a built in advocate and support system for your struggling student while working to strengthen any areas of opportunity. They do not prescribe medication or practice psychotherapy. An educational therapist has been approved by the Association of Educational Therapists as having met the highest level of professional preparation and experience qualifying them to provide personalized remedial instruction to anyone who is experiencing learning challenges.

When I was a teacher in the classroom, I always loved working one-on-one with students, but there was never enough time to do it properly. I would agonize about how I couldn’t always reach each student individually based on the wide variety of needs in my classroom. As an Educational Therapist, I have the opportunity to work with students one-on-one. It provides me with an opportunity to teach children strategies and skills to help them in the classroom in both the academic and social emotional realm. Educational Therapy also allows me to provide a tailored instructional plan based on the needs of each student. I also love collaborating with other professionals such as occupational therapists and speech pathologists that my students are working with to develop a cohesive plan that will help students be the most successful.

If you are interested in the Educational Therapy services I offer, please schedule a free consultation call here.

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